Been a minute…

I know I haven’t been as consistent as I’ve wanted to be on here. I feel like I mentally compose blogs all the time and in the rush of my day I’ve posted them in my mind and kept going. I know that mental posts don’t help others and I really need to schedule into my day blog time – which I am doing right now.

My boss has asked me to write more blogs and I need to practice my writing skills here. My coworker is an excellent writer and editor, but I feel like my writing is subpar and she has to edit the hell out of everything I submit to her.

Sigh. Kate Spade committed suicide. Trump is still president. I am still fat.

Daily realities. Possibly an alternate timeline. I feel topsy turvy since 2016. I know all the epithets thrown at anyone with a liberal point of view. I get it. I won’t write more. I’m just stating my frame of mind. Because, though my personal journey is to lose weight, I feel depressed and anxious a lot more than I ever have in my entire life!

Look, I don’t go about my day cowering in my office but there are moments of sporadic anxiety that pop in and say ‘Sup?’ intermittently within any given day. There are times when I look at my Jenny Craig food and program and groan inside. (My God this program is too damn expensive!) I get low when I read about suicide, politics, #metoo, and so many things that affect our day-to-day. I know people will say to just brush it off and go about your day and focus on important things… but… these are important right? To someone even very close and personal.

I took a mental health trip to the midwest for Memorial Day weekend. I much needed escape to the quiet. Nature. Friends. I crave that peace in my daily life. I feel like another part of my emotional eating issue comes from caring about things I can’t control. I think that’s why many people turn to religion. I get it. I’m very spiritual myself so giving things up to someone else to worry about makes sense. At least for now.


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