I think after losing my dog I found myself cast adrift. I’m lucky that I had a food program to follow so that I didn’t fall into an emotional eating mess. It’s been a month and half and my heart is still broken. I still cry when I think of him and my eyes still search for him when I get home. My roommates dog has been such a blessing and he gives me love and cuddles – more than I can handle sometimes. He is a beautiful little rescue pup and where I used to share my dog with my roommate – she now shares her pup with me.

So a quick update I’m about 20 pounds down. I have been working out at home with Beachbody programs. I started with Hip Hop Abs and graduated to 21 day fix. I have to say I broke down this morning after Pilates fix. My whole body is sore. I can feel every muscle. I’m fighting hard but feeling pretty beat up. I’m going to do my best to stick to the 21 days. That much I CAN DO. But I swear my brain and my body are arguing and it isn’t fun.

I have not changed clothing sizes but my clothes are looser. I have more pep in my step and I feel stronger. I feel like if someone tries to push me I won’t go anywhere. Very grounded.

So, that is all for now. I’m off to Wisconsin for the long weekend and I’m excited to eat cheese! Take care of yourselves.