Dukan phase 2

I have to look at my calendar but I finished Attack phase on Sunday. My job sent me to an impromptu training Monday and Tuesday and I broke the diet a little bit. I did a PP day yesterday and today is PV. I weighed in at 276.4 this morning but I didn’t have time to check my sugars. I’ll make sure I do it tomorrow morning. Aunt Flo is visiting and I’m pretty miserable. Really fast and heavy. Sorry for the tmi. 

So far the lessons of this diet have been: you can get sick of food in large quantities and never want to eat it again. Tea is your best friend in winter to get your water intake up. Everything in Palm size portions. I’m really not that hungry anymore. I realized I never was. Just mindless eating to fill the time. I ordered bonebroth from Thrive market. I had a cup of it like tea last night. It was interesting. Idk. I’m sleeping better which is a plus. Not quite as well as I would like to be. 

That’s about it. Just little by little doing my best. I do feel like an addict. The temptation to eat everything in sight is always there. 


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